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Dog Walking

Our dog walking service is set up to cater for owners who may be out at work, elderly, in hospital, ill, or just away for the day.  Need your favourite friend taking a walk?  Contact us for group or one to one dog walking. Don’t sit and worry your dog’s bored or lacking in exercise – contact us to arrange a dog walk.  Flexi, daily or occasional dog walking service.
Who would you call for dog walking in Coventry, try us - we care about dogs, we want dogs to enjoy their walks, make friends.
What are our charges for walking your dog? Do you want him/her serviced singly or in a group; if your dog is suitable we would recommend group walks for socialisation - check out the videos on Facebook and see the interaction between the dogs, the stimulation they get from one another - prices vary dependent on your dog's needs.
Where will my dog be walked? We are fortunate to rent our own field where the dogs can roam free, free to interact with the other dogs, free to enjoy the sights, sounds, and, more importantly SMELLS!
Contact us for your dog walking needs - check our website as all our prices are competitive.